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Please note: this was the last issue before Baroque Horse Magazine took a break in 2018.

It is not the new 2020 issue. That will be coming soon.


10. Pedro Torres Interview

Portuguese rider, trainer and horseman whose name has become synonymous with the world of Working Equitation.

20.  Alizee Froment – Interview

In the south of France, you can find the delightful Alize training in her very special way where she combines the art of classical dressage with the magic of liberty work.

26. Bodywork by Margaret Henkels

In this article, Margaret discusses the art of myofascial bodywork and conformation balancing.

32. Riding with Oliveria by Dominique Barbier

An excerpt from a book about riding with Mestro Nuno Oliveria in Portugal, courtesy of Trafalgar Square Books

38.  Understanding the Side Saddle by Petra Marz

When you mention side saddles, its hard not to instantly picture an elegant lady with a cinched small waist, long dress and a defined tall hat. Petra discusses the art of riding side saddle.

46.  Of Interest – The Lipizzaner

Why buy or breed a Lipizzaner?

54.  Horse Health Management by Dr John Kohnke

Even with the best of care, the latest feeds and horse management practices, our equine counterparts can still suffer from a range of health issues. Three of the most commonly reported health issues horse owners face are colic, gastric ulcers and laminitis.

60.  Drought Feeding in Australia by Catherine McDowell – Herbalist

It is becoming very difficult in many parts of Australia to access adequate feed for horses and many people are doing their best to keep their animals as healthy as possible.

64.  5 Handy Hints

1. Sand Indigestion

2. Roughage and Gastric Ulcers

3. Spring laminitis risk

4. Can spring pastures affect my horses’s behaviour?

5. Coat conditioning in preparation for competition.

68.  Protecting the Hindgut

It is no secret among informed horse owners that the horses’s gastrointestinal tract can be fragile. When working at full capacity, the tract is able to efficiently convert forage and grains to energy. When things go awry with the gastrointestinal tract, however a horse’s life might hang in the balance.

72.  The Sense of Touch by Jochen Schleese

Looks into the the horse sense of touch and the removal of whiskers and hair from horses in preparation for the show season.

76.  Base feeds for the Keep It Simple Diet by The Nude Horse (Equine Epidemiologist)

Finding economic, safe feed types is simple once you know what they are and why the are your best choice.

80.  Crystal MT Mt Xodo Sport Elite

New Zealand bred, Friesian Stallion teamed up with NSW Grand Prix dressage rider Jeremy Janjic in July 2017. In just under a year he has advanced from FEI Intermediate Champion (NZ) to Grand Prix in Australia; and to date has won or place in most of his FEI Inter 2 and Grand Prix starts.