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    Towing Tips

      Safety is Paramount The safety of you, your family, other drivers on the road and your horses is always paramount, but there are extra considerations to be aware of when towing. Here are a few important tips to make…

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    Core Training for Riders

    A Simple Aid to Enhance Core Training for Riders WORDS BY Alexandria Bailey BAppSc., BEd., GradDipEd. Cert III Equestrian Coach Horses and riders have immensely different brain-body systems that must communicate for the two to work together as a…

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    Long Reining

    A Short Introduction To Long Reining Dr. Thomas Ritter © 2013 (article appeared in issue 18 (2014) of BHM) Why Long Reining? Long reining is an excellent training technique to support the work under saddle, which is quite beneficial for both…

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    Dressage Markers

    Dressage markers are named in a sequence that is logical for ridden exercise. Most horses are softer on their left and the convention was always to warm your horse up on its soft side first. Thus when a military ride…