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    Saddle Fit and Top 10 List

    By Jochen Schleese, CMS, CSFT, CSE ©2017 Saddlefit 4 Life® All Rights Reserved. I remember a couple of years ago when David Letterman was still on TV and his ‘top ten’ lists were probably my favourite part of his show.…

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    Hay Alternatives

    Hay Alternatives. – Dr Tom Shurlock How do beet products fit as hay alternatives? Perfectly. One of the most important feature of beet fibre is the high structural fibre levels.  Speedi-Beet® at 40% NDF and Fibre-Beet® (45% NDF) are comparable with…

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    5 Handy Hints

    Summer Edition By Dr. John Kohnke and Kohnke’s Own Nutritional Advisor, Karen Sternbeck 1. Holiday tips for your horse Going away on a holiday at this time of the year can be a stressful time for horse owners. There…

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    Saddle Fitting

    Natural ASYMMETRY  of the horse  FACT OR FICTION?   What are the implications to Saddle Fit? By Jochen Schleese, CMS, CSFT, CEE ©2016 Saddlefit 4 Life® All Rights Reserved  Did you ever stop to think that about 85-90 percent of…

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    Seasonal Tips

    Caring for your horses Article by Luisa Wood (Nutritional Advisor KER) Autumn March: Horses in high workloads and regularly competing at this time of the year may experience muscle soreness or stiffness. Antioxidants are essential for fighting free radicals and…

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    Sunburn treatments for your horse

    We are certainly experiencing a long extended period of hot weather all over Australia (except Tasmania).  At least we can escape to the air-condition but what about our poor animals?  Hopefully, your horse has shade and access to plenty clean…