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    Core Training for Riders

    A Simple Aid to Enhance Core Training for Riders WORDS BY Alexandria Bailey BAppSc., BEd., GradDipEd. Cert III Equestrian Coach Horses and riders have immensely different brain-body systems that must communicate for the two to work together as a…

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    50% Discount on Solar Lights for Night Riding

    Blackfrog Solar are offering our readers are HUGE 50% DISCOUNT off their Flinders 24V solar flood lights.  The complete kit retails at $1,150 +  freight and if you use our discount code m-flbhm when purchasing your will get for only $575 + freight.…

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    Riding at Night with Solar Lights

    There is no better feeling than being able to ride your horse, but many times there are roadblocks to achieving this as regularly as you would like. Work commitments, summer – hot, hot days and winter – not enough sunlight…

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    Holistic Equine Saddlery & Tack

    It’s time to think intelligently about saddle choice… and saddle fit for both horse and rider! Here at H.E.S.T we pride ourselves on bringing to Australia, the ultimate in innovative, high-quality Saddles with a particular focus on comfort for the horse. We are…

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    Proper Use of Tack

    Another Comment on the Proper Use of Tack By Jochen Schleese, CMS, CSFT, CSE ©2015 Saddlefit4Life® All Rights Reserved I hadn’t really intended to continue in the vein of animal rights activism that I alluded to so very briefly in…

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    Bates Luxe Leather

    For the ultimate in comfort and luxury leather, you can now upgrade your chosen double-lined Bates Saddle to Luxe Leather. “The Bates Isabell Saddle with Luxe Leather is the pinnacle of prestige and luxury in a dressage saddle, offering the…