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Holistic Equine Saddlery & Tack

It’s time to think intelligently about saddle choice…

and saddle fit for both horse and rider! Here at H.E.S.T we pride ourselves on bringing to Australia, the ultimate in innovative, high-quality Saddles with a particular focus on comfort for the horse. We are now an Australian Dealer for Deuber & Partner The Saddlemaker, DP Saddlery of Germany. DP Saddles are of the highest quality, extraordinarily innovative, functional, beautiful, and best of all, are kind to your horse – all while incorporating German engineering at an affordable price.

Holistic Equine Saddlery
Holistic Equine Saddlery


New brand of saddles now available here in Australia…

DP Saddlery is Deuber & Partner The Saddlemaker of Germany. In co-operation with leading trainers and specialists in the Equine industry, Deuber & Partner have designed and developed the most innovative, modern and comfortable saddle concepts for almost 20 years.

Ulrich Deuber, master saddler (3rd generation), has developed, together with his team, saddles for different riding styles: Baroque, Dressage, English, Endurance, Trail, Western, and treeless saddles (The Startrekk line of saddles by DP).

Innovations, such as a continuously variable saddle width in the Ultra-Flex saddle trees, an extremely lightweight treeless saddle that avoids pressure points altogether, plus a  brand new Western Dressage model that combines the advantages of a dressage saddle with the amenities of a Western saddle. There is also a highly popular Working Equitation saddle: The El Campo! There are far too many models in the DP range to list here so make sure to check out the website!

Here at H.E.S.T. the greatest value is always placed on:

– Superior comfort for horse and rider
– Maximum functionality and cutting edge design
– Wide range of models for various disciplines throughout equestrian sports
– Various trees and styles for a large variety and types of horses
– Extraordinary quality at an affordable price

Our love of horses is what motivates us to do better every day…

DP Saddles are available with a patented fully adjustable fork system, which allows the rider to easily narrow or widen the fork width by a fraction of an inch via an Allen Wrench, without ever having to take the saddle apart (or off the horse!). This system is adjustable from K1-K5, which is comparable to the Sprenger Measuring System for Withers Size 6 through Size 2. Size 2 is UBER wide! These saddles are truly made to fit today’s Baroque Breeds.

Is easy to adjust the DP Saddles.
Is easy to adjust the DP Saddles.  Click on below link to see how easy it is to adjust.

DP Baroque Flexible Saddles


Startrekk Treeless Saddles
DP Startrekk Treeless Saddles are an extremely high-quality saddle, that conforms to the horses back nicely and lets you enjoy a very close connection and feel to your horses back. They provide plenty of stability to ensure proper weight distribution and allowing complete freedom of the horses’ withers and spine. The panels, which are available in different thicknesses, are completely adjustable so they can accommodate narrow to ‘off the charts’ wide breeds. The Startrekk Treeless line of saddles have a rigid, adjustable fork. Please see our websitefor more models, colour options and pricing.