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Heart training exercise for horses

FUN Training Exercise Ideas

Sometimes we get stuck in the same old routine of a circle or square work.  We found this training exercise that you can do with your horse to mix it up where both you and your horse can have some fun. This is also a good heart training exercise for horses.


  • Start at the right side of your arena allowing room to turn before the corner.
  • Trot to the corner of the arena and turn to cross the arena.  t
  • When you reach the outside wall ride the corner, and turn to cross the diagonal again.
  • Travel into the middle of the arena and halt.
  • Turn on the haunches right for 270degrees.
  • Travel back out to wall and turn left.
  • Riding the corner and ride out the diagonal again.

You can also use the top of the heart exercise in a B figure on both sides once you get the hang of it.  Mix it up and have fun!

horse heart training ecxercise