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15 fantastic horse clipping Tips

Whatever your reason is for clipping your horse, we have some great tips that’ll help you!

Clipping the body is made an easy job with Heiniger's cordless Xplore X-Series clippers.
Clipping the body is made an easy job with Heiniger’s cordless Xplore X-Series clippers.

Here are our helpful tips from our latest issue of the magazine (Issue 18).  In these photos, we used Heiniger Clippers and loved them!  We recommended you go and have a look at what they have if you don’t own a pair of clippers.  Without a doubt, clippers are a good investment for whether you just want your horse to be more comfortable or your are competing.  Don’t forget the family pooch too!!!

To learn more about the fantastic Heiniger range, please click this link

or to view the products here .. Heiniger Clippers pdf


  1. Know what clippers you need before your start the job. Keep two pairs of clippers on hand at all times or 2 sets of sharpened blades – use the correct clipper and blade size to achieve your desired result.
  2. If using 240v electric clippers be sure to use a cord with an RCD cut out – to prevent any risk of electrical shock or fault.
  3. Be sure to keep the head of your clippers are clean and well lubricated – only use good grade oil. Clipped hair build up inside the head will result in premature part wear, overheating and poor cutting of the clipper head.
  4. Do not over-tension your clipper by screwing the tension screw down excessively. This will cause your clipper blades to lose their edge very quickly as well as overheating. Too much tension will reduce the amount of clipping you can complete with your blades as well as overloading your clipper motor.
  5. Always use correctly sharpened blades, and this is achieved on a specific clipper blade sharpener (see your retailer). Correctly sharpened, calibrated and measured blades will extend the life of your blades and clipper, as well as offer your animal a clean, polished finish every time.
  6. A clean animal is always your best option as the clean coat will not reduce the life of the sharpened blades as quickly as a dirty coat, and you will result in a much cleaner finish.
  7. During clipping brush hair out of blades regularly and lubricate every 5 minutes and also ensure that air vents of your clippers are clean and free from hair – if these become blocked it will cause overheating of the clipper and lead to motor burn out. If you feel your clippers getting hot or they start to smell turn off immediately and allow them to cool down.
  8. Make sure your horse is in a safe and comfortable spot and free from distraction.
  9. Ensure correct tension on blades do not push your clippers hard into a thick coat as this will result in lines being left and discomfort for your horse.
  10. Start with a smaller area if your horse hasn’t been clipped before or isn’t comfortable with the clippers. A noisy clipper may see your horse uncomfortable.
  11. Draw chalk lines around the areas you don’t want to clip – refer to the clipping guide.
  12. Use a string or measuring tape to help you create equal patches on both sides of the horse.
  13. When you encounter cowlicks around the mane manoeuvre your clipper, so you are always clipping against the grain of the hair – this will ensure a clean finish.
  14. Clip all large parts first, leaving muzzle, ears and eyes for the last and keep skin taut around the eyes and hold the eyelashes out of the way with your free hand.
  15. To clip the outside of the ears, hold them closed and point the blades upwards, and clip the hairs poking inside and around the base for above areas

Now, what sort of clip should you do?  Well, there is the full clip, belly clip, low/how trace clip, blanket clip, Irish clip or hunter clip.  In issue 18 we have more information on these clips to help you more.  Out in newsagencies in Australia NOW or you can purchase our digital version online… click on this link to purchase


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