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Cool down this summer!

DSCF4212It is burning down on us here in Australia and we are all looking for the relief from the heat, and we have a perfect suggestion for you to cool down this summer.  Not only do you escape that sun, but you have fun and also tick one off your bucket list.  What are we talking about? … well, what else but a BEACH HORSE RIDE!!

Why not consider Rainbow Beach in lovely Queensland.  At Rainbow Beach Horse Rides, you can ride along one to the top most incredible beaches in the world!!  It also boasts the third most colourful beach in the world and is featured on the front over 101 Best Beaches of Australia.

Just picture the clear blue waters and pristine sand and then feeling the splash of water as you ride into the sea!  Ahh, that is an image to make me smile and want to be there right now!! It is worth the trip to this stunning part of Queensland where you can also enjoy the surfing, the Carlo Sand Blow nature walk, fishing or even sand boarding.  The are many, many other activates in the area from relaxing and dining out to dolphin kayaking to the adrenalin pumping skydiving.

What do Rainbow Beach Horse Rides offer?

They have a wide range of options for you to choose from and they are an Award winning business, TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2015 and have a Facebook rating of 5 out of 5. The reason they are highly rated is the ensure the highest safety standards are met, their equipment is of the highest standard, horses are trained to cater for rider and they also offer FREE photos to all guests!

They have many options to choose from and if you can’t decide why not personalise your ride to suit you and your loved ones.


The “Beach Ride” is a horse riding adventure along the stunning Rainbow Beach.

This ride includes riding instruction, one and a half hours of riding along five kilometres of beach unspoilt by vehicles and some bush riding.

The cost of this ride is $120 per person.

Enjoy the difference of riding a horse under the light of the moon
Enjoy the difference of riding a horse under the light of the moon


The ‘Beach Full Moon Ride’ is a horse riding adventure along the picturesque Rainbow Beach while the sun is setting and the moon is rising. This is an amazingly unique experience where guests ride a horse along the beach watching the Full Moon rise over the ocean, enjoying the moonlight reflecting off the ocean while riding along one of the most stunning beaches in Australia.

The cost of this ride is $200 per person.


The ‘Swimming Ride’ allow guests to take their horse for a ride into the ocean at Rainbow Beach.

Live the dream and ride a horse into the sea
Live the dream and ride a horse into the sea

Guests immerse into nature by swimming with a horse. It is common to see Whales breach on the horizon and Dolphins playing in the ocean. There is a certain level of experience required as we ride from Rainbow Beach Horse Rides yards to the beach, bare back (no saddle). Then we ride the horses in the ocean where the horses love to play. This is an amazing and unique experience unlikely found elsewhere.

The cost of this ride is $200 per person.


This ride starts at 9:00 am and finishes at 3:00 pm and departs from the owners, Andrew and Kirsty’s farm at Goomboorian and includes lunch at the popular ‘Silky Oak Tea Gardens’ where guests literally step off their horse to enjoy this professionally run, iconic Australian dining location.

During these rides, we regularly see wildlife such as Koalas, Platypus, Kangaroos, Echidnas and Emus in their natural habitat. It further includes creek crossings, riding through the timbered country, open grasslands and mountain riding. This ride has proven to be very popular amongst guests. The

overwhelming comments from these rides are that people don’t expect such amazing food and such spectacular views! The difficulty of the ride depends on previous riding experience and we tailor each ride to the needs of each group or individual.

The cost of this ride is $235 per person.


This ride starts at 12:00 noon and finishes at 8:00 pm and departs from the owners, Andrew and Kirsty’s farm at Goomboorian The “Full Moon Ride” includes an incredible meal at Silky Oak Tea Gardens before venturing to the top of Mount Goomboorian. Once at the top of the mountain we watch the sunset and the full moon rise, while enjoying some refreshments and taking in the amazing views from around the campfire. From the top of Mount Goomboorian, you can see the ocean at Rainbow Beach and Noosa, Fraser Island, Great Sandy Strait, Sunshine Coast and areas in between. This is an amazing uplifting experience that will leave guests feeling invigorated. It is truly a “bucket list” item.

The cost of this ride is $285 per person


The ‘Personalised Beach Rides’ cater for most requests or requirements. There have been many marriage proposals, anniversaries and birthday celebrations on this ride! The ‘Picnic Ride’ which includes guests choice of dining experience. It may be enjoying hot seafood while sitting on THE beach overlooking an incredible ocean or a simple snack half way along. The ‘Family Ride’ allows for families with younger children to participate safely. Extra staff are employed for this ride and all

other guests are excluded from the ride. Thus, the ride is a little more expensive. The exact cost of the ride depends on the age of riders and number of guests.

The price of these rides depends on guests exact requirements.

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