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Gidgee-Eyes Sunglasses



These sunglasses are perfect for the rider as they wrap around blocking any sneaking glare coming through plus all are polarised to protect your eyes.  Packaged beautifully with SPARE lenses and flexible frames I am sure if you sat on them they wouldn’t break! .  They are so light you hardly reaslise you have them on and is so clear.  You won’t regret buying these… go and check them out!

They are sold all around Australia and to find out a stockist near you click on this link


Lens Tints
Grey tinted lenses offer the most neutral light with negligible colour distortion and are an excellent all purpose lens. The brown tinted lenses are most suited to land based activities, softening the harsh light.

Interchangeable Lenses Technology – designed in conjunction with professional horse riders. The interchange lenses provide options for different conditions ie. riding, driving, competing etc. There are two lenses – Summer and Winter. The summer lenses are polarized for reflecting the glare and the winter lenses are non polarized and can be for all weather and particularly good in cloudy conditions.

Polarized and UV Protection
Polarized lenses are the most effective solution for glare reduction as they filtering light and blocking ultra violet radiation from reaching the eyes. UV protection filtering out the invisible radiation that can damage the eyes.

Frames and Grips
These are designed with maximum flexibility and minimum weight and is designed from high grade nylon selected for its superior level of memory. The grips are made from high grade rubber nose pads and replaceable and adjustable fittings are available if required.


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