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Lusitano horses at WEG 2014

It is a very exciting time for the Lusitano breed. Brazil and Portugal recently announced the teams that will represent their respective countries in dressage at the World Equestrian Games.  The Lusitano is well represented by both Brazil and Portugal, with both countries having top riders on exceptionally talented purebreds.

The Brazilian equestrian federation have announced that the team is one of all purebred Lusitanos. Also it is with three siblings; Luiza, Pedro and Manuel Tavares de Almeida. 

  • Luiza Tavares de Alemeida & Pastor
  • Pedro Tavares de Almeida & Samba
  • Manuel Tavares de Almeida & Viheste
  • João Victor Marcari Oliva & Signo dos Pinhais

The Portuguese equestrian federation announced their team of talented horse and riders, with three riders on purebred Lusitanos.

  • Maria Caetano & PSL Xiripiti
  • Carlos Pinto & Soberano 
  • Filipe Canelas & Der Clou 
  • Manuel Borba Veiga & Ben Hur da Broa

Also in the driving Francois Vogel will represent France with his team of four grey Lusitanos! He also has two Lusitanos for the reserve. They certainly do make a lovely picture!

We are sending best wishes for a successful competition, and what an achievement it is to represent your country on the world stage. Keep up to date with results and links to live streaming with BHM!


Francois Vogel drives his picture perfect team of Lusitanos.
Francois Vogel drives his picture perfect team of Lusitanos.


Team Brazil!

Luiza Alemida & Pastor
Luiza Travares de Alemeida & Pastor at the London Olympic Games 2012.


Pedro with sister Luiza Tavares de Almeida
Pedro with sister Luiza Tavares de Almeida
Manuel Tavares de Almeida & Viheste
Manuel Tavares de Almeida & Viheste (AR)
João Victor Marcari Oliva & Signo dos Pinhais


Team Portugal!

Maria Caetano Xiripiti
Portugal’s Maria Caetano & PSL Xiripiti in well executed canter pirouette (Photo by Vilbert, Lawrence)
Carlos Pinto & Soberano
The very successful team of Carlos Pinto & Soberano.
Manuel Veiga & Ben Hur da Broa
Manuel Veiga will ride the lovely Ben Hur da Broa (Photo by Rui Godinho)


The venue for the dressage competition will be the D’Ornano Stadium.  The competition dates are; 

  • Team Grand Prix 25-26 August
  • Individual Grand Prix Special 27 August
  • Grand Prix Freestyle 29th August

The Driving will be at the La Prairie Racecourse. The competition dates are;

  • Driven dressage 4-5 September
  • Marathon 6 September
  • Obstacle-cone Driving 7 September

For more information on the World Equestrian Games visit