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Baroque Horse DRESSAGE


At Baroque Horse Magazine we are proud to introduce our latest issue (25) – BAROQUE DRESSAGE. This edition is dedicateissue-25-cover-dressage-sd purely to the art and skill of dressage, and those who have been followers of the magazine will know that this has always been a strong focus and passion of ours. We wanted to show the skill and years of training that is dedicated to this discipline and also bring you the different training methods from the masters in this field.

For our long time baroque horse followers and subscribers you’ll be pleased to know that we will still concentrate on our wonderful breeds in our future BHD (Baroque Horse DRESSAGE) issues. ¬†We will still have all our fantastic imagery and quality articles with our main focus being on dressage.

There are a lot of viewpoints on what is dressage and what is correct and what makes it correct? This will always be a point of discussion, and our aim in this issue was to bring to you educational articles to help you decide. We wanted to have a magazine that dressage riders will pick up and find full of useful educational articles and hints keep and refer to time after time.

We have not avoided the hot topic of Rollkur training method that some high-level riders see as the ‘norm’ or ‘acceptable’, but other see as quite the reverse. We have an interview with Gerd Heuschmann who was the key person into highlighting the dangers and harm of riding horses in Rollkur.

What is Classical Dressage? Belinda Bolsenbroek who is an accomplished coach and master in the art of horsemanship explains the principles and background of classical dressage. Belinda’s ethos is that true horsemanship means a balanced, harmonious relationship between you and your horse, without insecurities or fear.

The beauty, strength and power of these amazing animals is portrayed in this issue with the stunning images from the very talented Katarzyna Okrzesik-Mikolajek. Katarzyna has the ability to bring out the raw beauty of any horse, and one can also attend her photography workshop or tours. One for the bucket list for sure!

Look out for the new look BAROQUE DRESSAGE in your local newsagents mid-October or hurry and subscribe today to have delivered to your doorstep.