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Regular Contributors and sisters Gabrielle and Camille Dareau  from Happy Horse Training have a fantastic selection of e-books available online.  See some info on them below and click the links to go to their web to purchase! We highly recommend them!


Happy horse training logoHappy Horse Training eBooks offer information of an unusual quality and clarity. They are founded on a holistic philosophy, putting the horse’s well-being first and foremost.



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The Gymnastic Rider

A Truly Practical Guide To Posture-Based Riding


This eBook from Happy Horse Training is the product of an in-depth study of the gymnastic interaction between horse and rider in movement. The result is a unique understanding of how the rider can connect with the horse in a way which channels and rebalances the horse’s movement, without constraining it in any way.The Gymnastic Rider

Far from the often-vague theoretical texts on dressage, all of the methods presented in The Gymnastic Rider are clearly explained, with detailed descriptions of exactly how to put them into practice.


The Gymnastic Rider offers a real solution to the resistances and imbalances that are inevitable features of riding a horse, without resorting to shortcuts and cover-up methods. It shows any level of rider how they can access the magical feeling of becoming unified with the horse in gymnastic harmony through postural engagement.


One of many positive responses to the book:

“I am a Physiotherapist for humans and horses… Over the last 6 years I have been seeking the connection you are speaking of. I have met skilled horse-people, however the descriptions of seat position is somehow eluding many of us… I practiced the seat you describe yesterday… WOW! Thank you for taking the time to write this out completely and in way that is easy to turn it into practice”

Carol-Anne Robinson, Canada


You can find full details of The Gymnastic Rider, plus download the introduction to the eBook for free here:


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How To Train A Horse Without Force:

Forming A Profound Relationship With Your Horse


How to Train a horse with out force-pt1How To Train A Horse Without Force is a guide to training horses through energetic connection and gymnastic training.

It offers a unique combination, focusing both on our relationship with the horse, and on how to go about the physical development that provides a sound foundation for riding in balance. Part 1 covers everything on the ground, from basic handling to a lunging technique that develops strength, straightness and engagement.


The eBook describes how we can create a trust-based relationship with the horse, as opposed to one of dominance and force.

This is a holistic, multidimensional approach, which is explained comprehensively in its philosophical context, as well as being described in precise practical detail.


When you buy How To Train A Horse Without Force you will receive a free download of the author, Camille Dareau’s unique study of Equine Trauma. This cutting-edge understanding of a widespread and often unrecognized problem, explores its causes, how to recognize it, and ways of handling and healing it. It is an ideal accompaniment to How To Train A Horse Without Force, because it addresses many of the circumstances that cause our relations with horses to go wrong and prevent successful training.


“I realized that I haven’t yet written you about the impact that your training e-book has had on me, and I want to let you know how inspiring and helpful I found it. As a student of Zen Buddhism for nearly three decades, I’ve often wondered when someone was going to write the book on Zen and the art of horsemanship, and I think that your emphasis on mindfulness and energy connection gets right at the heart of the matter. It has certainly deepened the way that I relate to and communicate with my horses.”

  • Theresa Lloyd, USA

Find out more about the eBook here:


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The Seven-Step Natural Trim:

A step-by-step guide to barefoot trimming

Happy Horse Training - Natural TrimThis step-by-step guide shows you how to put into practice all of the benefits of the natural trim, inspired by the beautiful form and function of the wild horse hoof.

The natural trim is a minimalist approach, which allows health to come from the inside, instead of imposing a certain form on the hoof from the outside. It has its origins in some of the most advanced movement-related research on hoof form and function.

The Seven-Step Trim eBook gives detailed descriptions of every stage of the trim, fully illustrated with clear photographs. The clarity of this guide will give you the confidence you need to get over the initial apprehension of learning to trim your horse’s hooves.

Learning the Seven-Step Natural Trim gives you one of the most important horse care skills you can acquire. Not only does it give you the freedom, flexibility, and convenience of looking after your own horse’s hooves, but the benefits for your horse of good, regular barefoot trimming are inestimable.

“Lovely: clear, concise and easy to follow.”
                                                – A. Fotheringham, Scotland

Find out more about this eBook here:



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The authors of these eBooks, Gabrielle and Camille Dareau, founded Happy Horse Training out of a passion for sharing an intelligent, progressive and, above all, holistic approach to equitation and horse care, addressing the horse’s needs on many levels. In this context, riding and training have a therapeutic, artistic and spiritual value, whereby we can elevate our relationship with horses, rather than exploiting them and breaking them down.


Happy Horse Training eBooks are in PDF format, which is compatible with any computer, tablet or reading device.