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Jobs To Do – Stable Bedding

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Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 09.29.53JOB – STABLE BEDDINGNow that the colder days are coming it is time to make sure you have your stables all sorted and ready. Now is also good time to give your stable a really good full clean refresh your bedding before it gets too wet, cold and miserable too do so properly.As much as we all love mucking a stable, I dare say you’d agree that now is a far better time to get it all prepared then mid winter!When choosing your stable bedding this needs to be done with thought and taking all into account for your horses health. If your horse suffers from respiratory problems you may like to consider using a dust-free bedding which will help reduce these issues.  Sometimes you just may find your horse sneezing a lot, and it very well could be your horses bedding.  Some horses even get allergic reactions such as weeping eyes.

A great bedding that we recommend for you to use for your horses is Oz Hemp, its natural and allergy free which is what you need to take great care of your equine companions.


Environmentally friendly Hemparade® is Made from the woody core of environmentally grown fibre hemp. Suitable for all hoofed animals and for use in chicken and small animal bedding. No insecticides or pesticides are used in the cultivation of fibre hemp. HempFlax’ modern harvesting and production methods ensure stable litter of a consistently high quality.


Better absorption

The natural absorption capacity of hemp wood is considerably higher than that of conventional materials. Moisture, odours and ammonia are absorbed better and more rapidly.

Hemparade® is ideal for horses’ hooves, as it forms a springy, insulating bedding. Hemparade®’s structure prevents it from clogging the animal’s hooves. Acidification of stable litters such as wood shavings regularly leads to hoof damage. Farriers rarely come across incidents of hoof rot or other problems where hemp litter is used. Vets recommend the use of Hemparade®.

Dust-free and moisture regulating

Unlike wood shavings and straw, Hemparade® is virtually dust-free and has a moisture-regulating effect. Veterinary surgeons advise using hemp litter in the stable for horses with an allergy or respiratory problem. Hemparade® is equally ideal for those caring for horses who suffer from similar complaints..

Labour Saving

Hemparade® generates labour savings as the bed- ding can remain longer in the stable. Consumption is therefore also considerably lower than with straw or wood shavings. Added advantages include less storage space, labour savings and a smaller quantity of stable waste. In the space of just two to three months, Hemparade® transforms your dung heap into valuable, organic garden compost.

For these colder days, you also might like to check out their hoof oil

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