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Powerful new wound care available in Australia & NZ


Introducing Equi-Med AG to Australia and NZ!

The Equi-Med AG range consist of reusable boots and (single use) wound dressings.  It is the newest and most advanced technology in wound defence.  The 100% activated carbon and silver ‘magic cloth’ pulls the bacteria away from the wound and kills it and then allows the healing process to begin!   

Made in the UK and was originally developed by the minrstry of defence for biowarfare and it has been discovered to be “the safest and most powerful antimicrobial fabric in wound care”

Equi-Med AG are brought to you from the original creators of ‘activated carbon with silver’ equestrian products. The equestrian products features are:

  • Superior fitting
  • Uniquely designed
  • Reusable antibacterial horse boots (cannon wrap, fetlock, heel, hock, knee, pastern and stable)
  • Single use wound dressings (1 metre and 2 meter rolls)
  • AND it scientifically proven to be effective for mud fever treatment.

We like to refer to it as our “magic cloth” as it acts like the bodyguard from wounds or mud fever, pulling off the bad guys and keeping them at bay so your horse injury can begin to heal and get better! 

The Equi-Med AG range are effective at treating and preventing skin and wound infections, reducing swelling and our case studies have shown a 100% success rate with all types of mud fever.

  • Scientifically proven 100% success rate with all types of mud fever and general bacteria
  • Unique dual action technology
  • Treatment is competition legal in all disciplines
  • Aids with the symptoms of Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis (LV)
  • Treat and prevent wound infection and enhance the skin healing rate by cutting recovery time in half
  • Helps reduce swelling
  • Is a mud fever treatment that enhances wound healing rates
  • Recommended by vets

This video will assist you in understanding the technology better (by the manufactures of the technology used in Equi-Med AGs range)

Equi-Med Ag UK headoffice

Equi-Med Ag Australia and NZ

horse wound before wound dressing
horse wound before wound dressing
horse wound 1 day after using the wound dressing
horse wound 1 day after using the wound dressing








Mud fever before
Mud fever before
day 6 of using the boots
day 6 of using the boots






Don’t waste THOUSANDS on different sorts creams,  injections and all sorts of potions ..


Give MUD FEVER it the BOOT with scientifically proven product that has had 100% success rate !