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    Jane Savoie

    A few moments with Jane Savoie… As appeared in issue 15 of BHM 2014 Photos: Rhett Savoie  |  By: Michaela Wake Jane Savoie was born and raised in Massachusetts, USA.  She studied at the University of Massachusetts at Amerherst and…

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    Long Reining

    A Short Introduction To Long Reining Dr. Thomas Ritter © 2013 (article appeared in issue 18 (2014) of BHM) Why Long Reining? Long reining is an excellent training technique to support the work under saddle, which is quite beneficial for both…

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    Master Luís Valença

    A great master and a living legend, the reputation of Portuguese equestrian artiste, Luís Valença Rodrigues precedes him throughout the world. Former master of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, he performed at the Royal Horse Gala and Appassionata Shows…

  • Pedro Torres
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    Pedro Torres

    PEDRO TORRES: The Person and the Rider Interview and photos by Cátia Castro – (Interviewed in 2013, in issue 10 of Baroque Horse Magazine) Pedro Torres is a reference in the Working Equitation world by being several times World champion,…

  • Sake 449 Sport
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    Sake 449 Sport

    BHM Talks to Jeanne Toonen Owner of the Amazing Friesian Stallion Sake 449 Sport BHM: How did you get into friesians? Was it a family tradition? JT: When I met my husband 35 years ago, he was stallion owner. He…