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Educational articles

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    Paving the way for healthier horses

    A Melbourne father and son duo are confident in knowing that the dust free and eco-friendly animal bedding they supply to some of Australia’s top horse trainers and equine clinics is paving the way for healthier horses. Eco Animal Bedding,…

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    Bates Luxe Leather

    For the ultimate in comfort and luxury leather, you can now upgrade your chosen double-lined Bates Saddle to Luxe Leather. “The Bates Isabell Saddle with Luxe Leather is the pinnacle of prestige and luxury in a dressage saddle, offering the…

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    Colostrum, or ‘first milk’ of all animals, contains supplies of energy, protein, fats, fluids and electrolytes to kick start the metabolism, as well as providing a mild laxative effect. This laxative effect assists foals in moving their meconium, which is…

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    DIY – Fencing

     All Posts What is Border line? Border Line is a white, high strength, specially formulated, solid polymer monofilament (containing no steel). When strained up, it will protect and restrain horses like no other. It is a polymer fencing system that replaces steel…

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    Herbs and Antibiotics

    Over-use of antibiotics can be offset with historically-proven herbs by Catherine Cox-McDowell   When considering the use of antibiotics, and the distinct contribution they have made to our ability to recover from life-threatening infections, you would be forgiven for thinking that…

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    Fighting the Battle with Mud Fever

    Author:  Cedric Chan, MRCVS of NW Equine Referrals, familiarises us with equine pastern dermatitis, better known as ‘mud fever’. Here he tells us about the recent study he has conducted using the Equi-Med Ag products and reveals some interesting findings. Fighting…