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Time for you to buy that float
Time for you to buy that float

So you have bought that horse you have always dreamed of!  Now it is time to start enjoying your ‘best friend’.  Horses are a delight for an owner – young, old, inexperienced and experienced.  I don’t know about you, but I would prefer my children and family to be outdoors and enjoying the fresh air and each other rather than sitting in front of a television or the Xbox.  It is a wonderful experience for young children to learn the responsibility of looking and caring for an animal and realising the rewards that our equine friends give back to us.  I must say that I have always enjoyed coming home to my horses as they are always pleased to see me (yah) and help me release any stresses of the day.

It is an expense owning any animal and responsibility and can be frustrating not being able to do and go places with your horse.  Many youngsters start out at pony club and graduate on to bigger and better riding experiences.  How do you get your horse there?  Without a float, it can be difficult as hiring unknown floats can be challenging from the condition of the float, your horse knowing the float and the time to go and get it.  The joy of taking your horse out to compete or train can be beneficial not only to you but your horse.  So what do you do? Many banks won’t lend for floats as they see them as a luxury item! How dare they!!   Have you considered iCredit  Loan?  They specialise in loans for floats, and you can borrow 100% against the float or trailer of your choice.  They have an online application so is fast and easy.  iCredit also have National buying power and access to great rates.  Why not try their obligation free quote and get moving today!!

Call today ....1300 350 118
Call today ….1300 350 118